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Does Sugaring Hurt More Than Waxing?

A straightforward answer is no, but as with all things in life, there is some nuance behind it. Nuance in hair removal might sound stupid, but besides helping you look good, clean hair is a painful affair. But the level of pain can change from person to person, and this spawns a choice and a selection to be made, choosing the least painful options. Why is that? Because it adheres less to the skin, making it a more comfortable experience. But the question you should be asking yourself is if comfortable means better. You also need to be aware of just how less painful sugaring is to waxing and if it is the better option.

Sugaring And Waxing

Sugaring is a simple hair removal technique that uses a mixture of sugar, water, and lemon juice to form a paste. This paste is then applied to the skin, and a clean cloth is used to remove the paste from the skin after some time and, in the process, pulls the hair out of the root. Unlike wax, which strongly attaches to the skin, the sugar paste attaches to the hair, reducing the discomfort and irritation experienced. Also, with sugaring, the paste is applied in the opposite direction to the hair growth and then removed along that same direction. At the same time, with waxing, the wax is applied in the same direction as hair growth but then removed along the opposite direction. Waxes are also usually made of beeswax, resins, and oil, making people consider sugaring as the more natural and gentle of the two alternatives. The ingredients used for sugaring are simple materials that can be found around the home with no extra chemicals or artificial additives. This fact makes them more attractive to individuals with sensitive skin.

1. Pain Tolerance

Pain was the feeling that spawned the above question, and it is something to look out for when considering hair removal. The world is diverse, with all kinds of people with different sensitivities and tolerance to pain. Everyone’s perception of pain differs, and you must be inclusive when deciding. You also need to mind your sensitivity to hair removal. Some factors might influence an individual’s level of pain tolerance, and they include;

2. Skin Type

The type of skin a person has determines their level of discomfort during hair removal processes. While some skins would hardly feel anything during waxing, those same skins would become irritated during sugaring. 

3. Genetics

You are made up of your genes. Genes and traits determine a lot of expressions in human beings, and pain sensitivity and skin type are no exceptions.

4. Past Experiences

Previous experiences with waxing or sugaring can determine the level of discomfort you may face and your level of pain tolerance. It’s possible that due to a past painful experience, a person can become either numb or highly sensitive to pain.

5. Hormonal changes due to medication, pregnancy, and periods.

Hormonal fluctuations affect a lot of things within the human body, from mood to even health. Certain periods during which a lot of hormones are released, such as menstruation or pregnancy, are times in which a person’s pain tolerance might either amplify or decrease.

These various factors are things to look out for when determining if you are up to the task of a particular hair removal method. Even things such as medication and weather can completely mess with your sensitivity, so remember to utilize a cold compress, avoid tight clothing, and maintain good hygiene after every hair removal. It is sure to help with relieving the pain.


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