Frequently Asked Sugaring Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our sugaring and spa services. For further information, do not hesitate reach out to Sweet Nothing Spa today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

A natural alternative to waxing, a lukewarm paste of sugar, lemon juice and water is applied to the skin, then quickly pulled away to remove hair at the roots.

Sugaring has many benefits, from its natural ingredients to its effects on skin. You can learn more about the benefits of sugaring here.

Your hair should be about a quarter-inch (.25″) long. We recommend not shaving for 2 weeks before your appointment.

Yes! Sugaring is all-natural with no harsh chemicals, and a great option for sensitive skin.

You can visit our booking page or give us a call or text at 929-235-0306. Ask us about our new client discounts!

Aside from not shaving 2 weeks prior, we recommend not using any lotions, oils or deodorant on your skin the day of your appointment (depending on where on the body you are being sugared). Do not exfoliate 1-2 days beforehand as well. Sugaring works best on clean, dry skin.

*Note: keeping your skin hydrated will aid in softening the hair follicles, allowing for easier hair removal

We recommend avoiding tanning, working out or exfoliating the area for about 1-2 days following your service.

We offering sugaring of the following areas: underarms, pubic area, buttocks, stomach, chest, arms, legs, fingers, toes & face. Please view our service menu to learn more.

This can vary depending on what part of the body is being sugared. In general, it takes about 4 weeks to regrow. We recommend booking your sugaring sessions every 3-6 weeks; regular hair removal will make your hair grow back thinner over time