Professional Nail Services

Sweet Nothing Spa has dedicated nail technicians to make your nails healthy and beautiful. When looking for a place to get your nails done, it is crucial to find a clean, safe, and professional spa or salon. From gel manicures to spa pedicures to foot massages, we provide an array of nail services.

fresh manicure and pedicure
manicure service

Manicure Services

Our professional nail technicians offer an array of manicure services. Our clients come for manicures for a number of reasons. Manicures not only leave you with beautiful nails but also with healthy, soft hands. Your hands are exposed to so much throughout every day, and your skin around them can suffer. With services like our Heavenly Hands Manicure, you will leave with gorgeous and healthy nails and skin. 

Pedicure Services

So many of our clients are on their feet for most of the day. When you come to Sweet Nothing Spa for a pedicure, your feet will thank you! We offer all pedicure services from your classic to our “Treat for Your Feet Pedicure” for clients looking for some TLC for their feet and legs.