The Incredible Benefits of Sugar Waxing

The Incredible Benefits of Sugar Waxing

Have you ever wanted smooth, natural skin like the models you see on Instagram? To get rid of all that unwanted hair on your body? To make yourself look attractive and presentable? You might want to try out sugar waxing.

Read on to find out more about this less painful, natural hair removal treatment.

What Is Sugar Waxing?

What is Sugar Waxing? We must first ask this question before we move on to the amazing benefits of this treatment.

Sugar Waxing, otherwise known as Persian Waxing, is an all-natural hair removal treatment that utilizes a sugar-based wax for the skin. The wax is usually made from common household food items like water, sugar, lemon juice, cornstarch, and honey. This wax, when removed, removes your hair with it in a painless manner.

Amazing Benefits of Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is preferred over traditional waxing for various reasons. These are some of the reasons below.

1. Uses Natural Ingredients

Traditional wax used in most salons often contains all sorts of dangerous chemical ingredients. Some of these ingredients not only harm the skin but also increase the risk of getting cancer. Sugar wax, on the other hand, is made with natural domestic food ingredients. It is even safe for consumption! Meaning you can put it around the house without being worried your toddler might consume it.

Most sugar waxes, especially ours, consist of main water, sugar, and some form of citrus, like lemon juice, to act as a preservative.

Sugar wax feels good on the skin.

2. No Risk of Burning Your Skin

Sugar wax, unlike most traditional wax, can be used at room temperature. The substrate can be heated up to a lukewarm temperature, like your bath, minimizing the risk of burns. By using Sugar wax, you get no scabs and no scars, and you get to have smooth, beautiful skin.

3. Less Irritation During and After Treatment

Traditional wax, with its harsh ingredients and microplastics, can make your skin swollen, sensitive, and irritated for the next few days post-treatment. Even during treatment, some traditional users have complained about skin irritation.

On the other hand, sugar waxing does not require the use of such harsh chemicals, it is all-natural and doesn’t burn your skin. It doesn’t stick to moisture-containing cells, meaning it only really attacks dead cells. Sugar waxing gives you a nice waxing/spa experience with you swelling to speak of whatsoever.

4. Easy Clean Up

The removal process for traditional wax can be downright agonizing. It tends to be very difficult to remove traditional wax after treatment.

Sugar waxing is beneficial in the sense that it allows you to peel off the wax from the skin easily. Unlike traditional wax, sugar wax dissolves in water. It is easy to clean up by just wiping down with water or a shower.

Sugar wax leaves no sticky or uncomfortable feeling on your body.

5. Permanent Results

With just 3-5 back-to-back sugar waxing, you will begin to notice a difference. You will notice reduce hair growth because your hair follicles will begin to atrophy, leaving you with skin that even models can be jealous of.

6. Good For Your Health and the Environment

The ingredients used for this treatment are all-natural ingredients you can find at home, unlike traditional wax which uses harmful chemicals and is reliant on the fossil fuel industry. Traditional wax also causes an increased rate of skin infection and cancer.

Steps To Take to Get The Most Benefits Out Of Sugar Waxing

There are a few things to do so that you can enjoy the most out of your Sugar Waxing Experience. These include;

1. Avoid using lotion on the day of the treatment.

2. Do not shave in between treatments since it makes your hair follicle too short for treatment.

3. Exfoliate between treatments

4. Bring a clean shirt after the treatment to avoid infections.

5. Avoid tanning the day before the treatment as it makes you more vulnerable to sunburn.

Get All-Natural Sugar Waxing Treatment Now

Smooth skin, no scabs, and no scars; get your own all-natural sugar wax treatment today! Sweet Nothing Spa provides professional sugar waxing services. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to learn more and book your sugaring appointment today!

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