What is a Lash Lift?

The eyes, especially the lashes, play a primary role in how your face looks. This is why many people, especially ladies, take a lot of care to straighten and add volume to their lashes. This is done by adding lash extensions, falsies, or using mascara to the lashes.

However, there is a more natural, low-maintenance, and longer-lasting way to achieve the full length of your eyelashes without using eye extensions, lash falsies, or mascara. It’s called lash lift.

What is a lash lift?

As the name suggests, a lash lift helps lift your lashes right from the base to the tip. This essentially strengthens your lashes out and makes sure the natural volume, length, and shape you desire are achieved.

With your lash lift, you wake up every morning looking like you just got your eyes made up. The only thing is you’ve done nothing yet. With or without mascara, you have your full, voluminous lashes adorning your eyes.

How is the Lash Lift Achieved?

The lash lift is a fast and mostly painless procedure. While it is better to visit a professional salon and licensed aesthetician, there are home kits that you can self-apply.

For a safe and well-done job, you should take the following steps.

  1. Go to a licensed and professional salon. It’s your eyes; you can’t be too careful.

  2. Request for a patch test. With a patch test, you can know the best product to use and if there will be any effect.

  3. Avoid makeup on D-day. Makeup should be avoided at least 24 hours before the procedure. Mascara should not be used at least 48 hours into the day.

  4. If you have any contact lenses on, you should remove them. The lash lift won’t get into your eyes, but you want to be at your optimal comfort during the procedure.

The Procedure

  1. Get comfortable. You will be sitting comfortably while the aesthetician works with your lashes.

  2. Your lashes will be separated from each other—the upper lashes from the lower lashes.

  3. The lashes will be brushed into a curling rod—usually silicone. You can choose your preference as the sizes and shapes vary. The size and shape of the silicone rod will determine the length and shape of your lashes when the process is over.

  4. A perming solution is applied to the lashes. Starting from the base to the tip. This perming solution is harmless to the eyes. However, it helps the lashes mold to the curling rod.

  5. This step is followed by a setting lotion that structures the lashes into place.

  6. You may get a volumizer to add volume and a tint to darken the lashes more. This will be at your request, though.

  7. Finally, your lashes will be cleaned and brushed into place.

After this procedure, a hand mirror will be given to you to see the effect of your lash lift. You literally won’t believe the pop and instant sparkle it added to your eyes.

The procedure should take between 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete, and all you need to do is sit comfortably and close your eyes.

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