100% Natural & Effective Hair Removal Services

During a sugaring session, a lukewarm paste of sugar, lemon juice and water is applied to the skin, then quickly pulled away to remove hair at the roots. Hair will take about a month to grow back. It is suitable for many parts of the body, including legs, underarms and the face. View our FAQs page to learn more!

Why Choose Sugaring Over Traditional Wax?

There are countless benefits for you and your skin when you choose sugaring over traditional waxing services. Sugar waxing uses only real, natural ingredients; no chemicals, perfumes, or preservatives are added. This makes sugaring a great waxing solution for all types of skin, especially those that may be more sensitive. 

Sugar waxing also lasts longer than traditional wax, leaving better and longer-lasting results. Many say they notice their hair growing finer and lighter, even after their first sugaring treatment! 

How the Process Works

A paste made of sugar, lemon, and water is applied to the skin in the natural direction of hair growth. Rather than use strips, the sugar wax itself is continuously pulled against the direction of the hair growth, and the hair is removed. 

We recommend that you do not shave for at least two weeks before your appointment for the best results. 

Once you are finished with your sugaring service, we will be sure to give you advice on aftercare and set you up with your next appointment! 

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