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Why Winter Facials Are a Must

Winter weather can take a significant toll on your skin. Winter facials are a must to keep your skin healthy, bright, and vibrant during the cold winter months when there is little sun, lots of cold, and a lot of stress on your skin. Getting winter facials is the best way to look and feel great all winter long. Some of the benefits that you can get from regular winter facials are:

Rehydrate Your Skin 

Your skin is bombarded with extreme temperatures and dry air during the winter. Outside, the cold temperatures and frigid winter air sucks moisture from your skin. And indoors, your skin is subjected to constant blasts of hot, dry air from heating. Even if you drink water, moisturize daily, and use a misting water during the day, your skin can easily become dry and damaged during the winter. You may even end up with flaky patches, rashes, or discoloration. Winter facials will restore the moisture to your skin on a deep level so that your skin will be hydrated, firm, and looking dewy no matter what the temperature is outside. 

Brighten Complexion through Exfoliation

Winter days are short, and there’s not a lot of sun. That can leave your skin looking dull and sallow. An exfoliating facial can restore your glow and slough off any rough winter skin so that your skin looks soft and youthful. An exfoliating facial peel will stimulate cellular turnover and improve your skin’s tone, texture, and clarity. Immediately after the facial, you will see a big difference in your skin. 

Reset Your Skin

Many people are prone to breakouts in the winter. Rich holiday foods, typically sweets, can upset the hormonal balance. So can stress, lack of sleep, and the lack of sunlight that usually occurs during the winter, especially around the holidays. With a rejuvenating facial, you can reset your skin and clear up any breakouts that have occurred. Once you reset your skin with a facial, you can start fresh and keep your skin healthy. It’s like a detox for your skin. 

Skin Repair and Rejuvenation

Winter is a great time to work on repairing any damage that was done by the summer sun. To protect yourself from skin cancer, prevent premature aging, and lower the risk of wrinkles or hyperpigmentation caused by the sun you should get repairing facials throughout the winter. These deep facials will work on each layer of the skin to improve the skin’s health and appearance. A rejuvenating skin repair facial can increase collagen production and fight signs of fatigue, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and dullness of the skin. 

Spoil Yourself With a Facial at Sweet Nothing Spa 

Nothing beats the winter blues like a bit of pampering. Book a facial or a skin care assessment at Sweet Nothing Spa today to see how good self-care can make you feel and look! Give us a call today, or book your appointment online!  

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